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I’m sorry Tim – I’ve been so busy with one thing or another, that I neglected your beer during fermentation, and despite moving it to a secondary, I seem to have cocked it up entirely.

From John Palmer:

“When a yeast cell dies, it ruptures – releasing several off-flavors into the beer. When you have a large yeast mass on the bottom of the fermenter, you have a large potential for off-flavors due to autolysis. If this ever happens to you, you will know it… …at a minimum, a beer that has experienced autolysis will have a burnt rubber taste and smell and will probably be undrinkable. At worst it will be unapproachable.”

Bugger, bugger, bugger.

We’ll brew it again.

One fermenter seemed more badly affected than the other, so I’ve kegged up the better batch with some spray malt priming, more out of sentimental hope than anything else. The rest has sadly gone down the drain.

This is a bit of a blow, because it’s the first ever batch – even from the days of kits – that has been ditched. Too much work and no time at the weekends to look after brews – what’s the world coming to?

Silenus! Why have you forsaken us?

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