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It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a man cannot live on beer alone. Nope. He also needs pickled onion flavoured Monster Munch, pickled eggs and of course, pickled onions themselves.

At The Boxshed we have been pickling free range eggs for a while now and they always go down well, both in the shed and the local pub. But last Christmas I received a brilliant book that offered all sorts of new ideas for pickling everything from wild mushrooms (yum!) to pigeons (ug!). It’s called ‘The Perfect Pickle Book’  by David Mabey and David Collison, and there’s a picture of it below. Anyway, although I do intend to jar, um, ‘Pickled Salsify Buds’, ‘Pickled Marsh Samphire’ and err ‘Pickled Quails Eggs with Rosemary Flowers’ at some point in my life, this week the book mostly reminded me that the start of November was THE time to get onions in vinegar in time for Christmas morning.

The farm shop up the road provided a few kilos of shallots, a good old 25L fermenting bucket doubled up as an overnight brine bath, and the last remnants of my raised bed coughed up a bunch of chillies grown from my brother’s plants. Various coloured pepper corns, some mustard seed and a couple of bay leaves finished off the spiced vinegar, and by bedtime on the second day these great looking jars (below) had magicked themselves in our kitchen! Good stuff eh? Now though, I’ve been told they will mostly be given away as credit crunch busting Christmas presents, so another trip to the farm shop beckons…



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