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This Best is now in cold conditioning in the Boxshed and looking in fine shape for some festive drinking. Here is a gallery explaining how things developed following the dry hops going in to the secondary. I’m hoping this will prove good enough to become a regular stock brew, and I’m definitely looking forward to drinking a few pints of this with my family in the run up to Christmas. It was a carefully thought through recipe to appeal to them, and I’m sure my brother and cousin will help me test it thoroughly!


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Checked on this today after four days in primary and it had hit its 1.012 target perfectly – nice.

I transferred it into a secondary bucket, leaving all the break and yeast crud behind, and just taking nice clean brown hoppy beer looking stuff into a new home where it will now sit for about ten days.

After checking my hop stocks I found that for some reason I’d left behind a measly 21g of Styrians the other night instead of throwing it in as extra aroma hops. So I boiled up a muslin, some marbles and some thread and bagged the extra hoppage up, popping into the secondary for seven days of dry-hopping.

The secondary is burping once again, so I actually expect this to drop a few points further over that time, but it really has no need to on my account, it smells good and is strong enough for me. Nice colour too, so I’m pretty happy all in all. Plenty of time to screw it up still though.


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This is my first update post, but not the last. My plan is to update each Brewday at significant stages. Below you’ll see a couple of photos showing how the fermentation is progressing with the newly bucketed Boxshed Best.

After this update I’ll be posting a few retrospective Brewday accounts. These will detail a single hop golden ale and a complex dark beer made in the last week or two, plus a full bodied bitter and a pale ale brewed before my summer brew break.

At some point I may work out how to retrospectively change the dates of posts so that I can date these older brewdays correctly and put them in the right chronological order, but until then, I’ll just use the time before my next brew to whack up some older reports and worry about it all later.

Anyway, here’s the Boxshed Best update gallery…


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Last night I decided to brew a nice hoppy Best Bitter which had a chance of becoming a stock ale, all being well. I decided to go with all Goldings, as I had always fancied the idea of using a big chunk of them at both ends of the brewday with a handful during the boil to keep things interesting.

In the end I used genuine Styrians for the main steeping aroma hop, backed up by plenty of Bobek in the kettle and during the last quarter of an hour. You could say my recipe is somewhat similar to Marc Ollosson’s Styrian Stunner in some ways, but I wanted Crystal in there to add that Best colour and sweet balance to the bitter hops, plus some wheat to round of the edges and provide some staying power for the head. The Munich was added as I just loved the smell the last and only other time I’ve used it. Also I wanted to boost the overall grain bill to get a 4.5% ABV in an interesting way.

Anyway, here’s the recipe I created and followed:

Boxshed Best Bitter

Mashing (90mins, 65c – sparge at 76c)
Pale Malt 3.81Kg, 80.2%
Crystal Malt 500g, 10.5%
Wheat Malt, 250g, 5.3%
Munich Malt, 190g, 4%

Boiling (90mins)
Bobek Goldings 4%AA, 75g, 90mins
Bobek Goldings 4%AA, 25g, 15mins
Styrian Goldings 50g, Flameout steep

Other bits
SafAle S-04 rehydrated

Facts & Figures
Est. Brew length: 23L
Est. OG: 1.046
Est. FG: 1.012
Est. Bitterness: 38.7 IBU
Est. ABV: 4.5%

All went very well with the brew itself, but I did have a bit of a disaster when the mash was ready to run into the boiler and I suddenly realised my hop strainer had gone missing. Half an hour of frantic searching later and I realised that after my last brew I had dumped my spent grains in the composter, and that was now the only place left to look. Sure enough after some horrendous digging it turned up, spurring the most thorough cleaning and sanitising job I’ve ever undertaken! Here are some selected photos from the brew:


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