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A nice brew evening this one, with everything going to plan as per the Landlubber recipe post. The very tiny amount of Black Malt did manage to raise that colour quite dramatically considering it was only 0.6% of the overall bill – very impressive.

We reduced the IBUs in the end by taking out around 6g of the copper hops and bringing both WGV and Bobek additions down to 30g each. Everything else went to plan and we managed to get 25L into the fermenter at a very respectable 1.043, which should produce a 4% brew not a million miles away from the taste of Timothy Taylor’s Landlord. Mind you, still couldn’t resisit throwing in some extra Bobek to steep! Today I roused the sluggish S-05, and it’s taking off very pleasingly now.

Here are some photos of the evening.

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I do realise that I didn’t provide a proper brewday account for Thinking Bitter (which is now happily in secondary). I did actually write a draft using what I thought at the time was a very handy iPhone WordPress app, but once I had saved it in Draft Copy it become invisible and inaccessible forever. I’ve put in numerous requests for some help and support from WordPress, cos I can see the little number ‘1’ digit that suggests a file is knocking around in there somewhere, but to no avail. So a Thinking Bitter account will follow when I get round to rewriting it.

In the meantime though, we’ve had another brew! More details on this one down the line too, but for now, how about a recipe?

Landlubber is a brew very much in the style of Timothy Taylor Landlord, based upon many of Graham Wheeler’s calculations. After a bit of tinkering with BeerSmith, we reduced the copper hops to get those IBUs down a litttle, then added a little more aroma on the finish with some steeping hops. We used homegrown WGV hops instead of Goldings and exchanged Styrians for Bobek from Barley Bottom, which are also added at flameout. Our yeast choice in the end was US-05 over S-04 —  not as easy to ferment out but a good frame for those aroma hops.

Here’s the recipe anyway – full account another day:



Style: English Best
Batch Size: 25.50 L
Boil Volume: 36 L
Boil Time: 90 min
Brewhouse Efficiency: 75.0 %

4.65Kg Pale Malt (2 Row) UK (5.9 EBC) 99.4%
35g Black Malt 40L (985 EBC) 0.6%

Protofloc Tablet (15 min)
1 Pkgs US-05

Hop profile
WGV, 6%AA, 30g at 90 min
Bobek, 5.4%AA, 30g at 90 min
Bobek, 5.4%AA, 25g at 10 min
Bobek, 17g at flame out

Batch Sparge
Mash Grain Weight: 4.68kg Mash PH: 5.4 PH
Grain Temperature: 13.0 C
Mash In Add 11.6L of water at 72.8C (66C) 90 min
Step Add 9.8L of water at 80.2 (72C) 10 min
Step Add 15.76L of water at 81.9C (76C) 10 min

Beer Profile
Estimated Original Gravity: 1.042
Estimated Final Gravity: 1.011
Estimated Color: 13.9 EBC
Bitterness: 44.5 IBU
Alpha Acid Units: 2.0 AAU
Estimated Alcohol by Volume: 4%

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Last night I decided to brew a nice hoppy Best Bitter which had a chance of becoming a stock ale, all being well. I decided to go with all Goldings, as I had always fancied the idea of using a big chunk of them at both ends of the brewday with a handful during the boil to keep things interesting.

In the end I used genuine Styrians for the main steeping aroma hop, backed up by plenty of Bobek in the kettle and during the last quarter of an hour. You could say my recipe is somewhat similar to Marc Ollosson’s Styrian Stunner in some ways, but I wanted Crystal in there to add that Best colour and sweet balance to the bitter hops, plus some wheat to round of the edges and provide some staying power for the head. The Munich was added as I just loved the smell the last and only other time I’ve used it. Also I wanted to boost the overall grain bill to get a 4.5% ABV in an interesting way.

Anyway, here’s the recipe I created and followed:

Boxshed Best Bitter

Mashing (90mins, 65c – sparge at 76c)
Pale Malt 3.81Kg, 80.2%
Crystal Malt 500g, 10.5%
Wheat Malt, 250g, 5.3%
Munich Malt, 190g, 4%

Boiling (90mins)
Bobek Goldings 4%AA, 75g, 90mins
Bobek Goldings 4%AA, 25g, 15mins
Styrian Goldings 50g, Flameout steep

Other bits
SafAle S-04 rehydrated

Facts & Figures
Est. Brew length: 23L
Est. OG: 1.046
Est. FG: 1.012
Est. Bitterness: 38.7 IBU
Est. ABV: 4.5%

All went very well with the brew itself, but I did have a bit of a disaster when the mash was ready to run into the boiler and I suddenly realised my hop strainer had gone missing. Half an hour of frantic searching later and I realised that after my last brew I had dumped my spent grains in the composter, and that was now the only place left to look. Sure enough after some horrendous digging it turned up, spurring the most thorough cleaning and sanitising job I’ve ever undertaken! Here are some selected photos from the brew:


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