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It’s been a heckuver long time since my last post, and even longer since our last brewday. Our kegs are all in use (I’m still drinking Landlubber!) and there’s been no need or capacity for another brew to keep beer levels up.

Nevertheless, we’ve put some of the time to good use, and have finally expanded the brew length of the Boxshed Brewery by creating a boiler/copper with twice the volume of the old boiler! Great stuff.

The mashtun I made last year was built with the extended brew length in mind so will fit perfectly into the new setup. The old boiler, now complete with sight tube, will make a perfect HLT. All that was then required was a big pot to convert into a boiler, and now that’s complete too.

I remembered to take a few photos during the build. Sadly I missed several stages and most of the pictures aren’t great, but hey, I’m uploading them all anyway as a handy record (and because I’ll never move on with this blog otherwise!)

Really can’t wait to use this new vessel in anger – it looks so cool compared to the old one!

I’ll post future updates if I remember any more details of the build, but for now photos and captions will have to do the job:

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To the layman it’s just a big cooking pot and a load of plumbing spares. But this little lot could soon become an extremely exciting new addition to the Boxshed Brewery. Not only will it allow us to boil 50L+ brewlengths sufficient to fill proper pub kegs, it will also free up the old 32L stainless boiler to become a proper HLT.

So far the brewpot (thanks Nadine), immersion elements, stainless ball valve and sight tube bits (thanks Garth) have all arrived here in a postage dripfeed, but the 64mm/20mm holesaws have yet to arrive (yeah, cheers Tool Shop Direct). The whole project will take a while to complete as time and money allows (need a new tiered stand thingy too), and we’re going to need someone to help out with the mains leccy, but it’s all VERY shiny and VERY exciting nevertheless. Woohoo!

Here’s a rapid snap. It’s quite hard to tell in this photo, because the sheer shine of the thing is obliterating the bottom half of the vessel in the sunlight, but this new copper is mahoosive. It’s half a metre in all dimensions. To give you an idea, it happily covers all four hobs if you sit it on an electric cooker. Probably not such a bad idea actually… …just kidding!

The new boiler equipment is so shiny you need to wear shades even to walk into the same room

The new boiler equipment is so shiny you need to wear shades even to walk into the same room

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