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This is a bit of an unusual Brewday Update bonanza, so undoubtedly we’ll now forget to post for weeks, but we finally discovered why there was no photo of the Styrian hops being thrown in to steep for yesterday’s brewday – I’d taken a video clip instead, then only half remembered doing it.

So here are a couple of slightly embarrassing clips of me fiddling with the Boxshed Timmy’s Original while listening to 6Music (which, by the way, always gets a lonely mention on the brewsheets under the ‘assistant brewer’ column!)

Remember everyone, never drink and brew (too much, anyhow) – there’s every chance you’ll spill either the refreshing pint or the boiling brew. And who’d want to waste a glass of BHJ?

First up, it’s the obligatory rolling boil following the addition of the chiller, auxiliary finings and late hops:

And finally the missing Styrians, in to steep. These always smell a treat, and should lift the aroma finish of Timmy’s Original:

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The morning after the brewday before is always a mixture of grogginess and excitement. Tired, but happy at the malt and hop aromas seeping from the Boxshed, we’re still waiting for that explosive fermentation S-04 brings, but pleased to see plenty of bubbles a-rising.

Here are the remaining photos from the session, following the mash. It was good fun, as all hoppy recipes are. All went well once again, which is great as long as we’re not storing up fortune for a gigantic cock-up somewhere along the line! But hey, nothing stuck or broke, we didn’t drop anything in the wort, and we ended up hitting our target of 1.046 and securing 50L of the good stuff in two fermenters.

Can’t ask for more than that really:

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Brew on!

It’s a Wednesday night brewday here at The Boxshed, and we’re brewing up a beer that’s been in the planning for yonks now. Boxshed Timmy’s Original is a special concoction created specially for our pal Tim. He likes drinking beer, so we asked him if he’d like us to make him gallons of the stuff to his own taste just for the hell of it. Unsurprisingly he was pretty keen on the whole plan, so we’ve been messing around with BeerSmith for a while now tailoring the perfect recipe. Today it all came together, and there seemed no good reason not to get the whole shebang underway as soon as possible. Which was about 6pm today. It’s all good so far.

Tim used to love the old Flowers Original draught recipe, so the first thing we did was think about the hops. We ordered a load of Target hops from Craftbrewer down in Oz. Powerful Target coppers featured in both Flowers Original and IPA, as far as anyone can tell. I can’t recommend Craftbrewer enough actually – get a big order together to make the postage worthwhile, and go for it, you won’t regret it. Anyway, Tim is also a bit of a hophead when choosing beers at festivals, as well as a Best Bitter fan, so we planned more Target in the boil than Flowers ever would have used, in order to up the edge. We also decided to add a much bigger chunk of Styrians at the end to steep, then factored in a hefty addition of our own favourite aroma hop, East Kent Goldings, right in the middle of the whole beer soup. Selfish, huh?

To get a robust Best without too much caramel taste, we opted for a blend of four malts, including Patent, and went easy on the Crystal. A 90 minute 65-66 degree mash seemed to make sense, followed by two large equal batch sparges and plenty of runnings. The boil would also be 90 minutes, with an addition of glucose, and those three rounds of hops. SafAle S-04 would do fine for a rapid fermentation, rehydrated in sweet wort from the mashtun.

Anyway, the mash is on, we’ll see…

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Righto, well I’m devising a vague plan in my head to brew a pleasantly hoppy session beer that uses up some remnants of grain in an interesting bill, while making the most of some nice homegrown hop reserves I have in the freezer. My yeast options are limited, and this is a very lightweight mash compared, for example, with the recent APA, but it’ll get the Boxshed up and running again, and that’s the main thing, I feel. It’s also very cost-effective, and will hopefully take my mind of the day job for an evening, with less outlay than a trip to the local.

Anyway, here is the recipe as currently formulated. Any comments more than welcome!


Thinking Bitter
Style: English Ale
Batch Size: 25.50 L
Boil Volume: 36 L
Boil Time: 90 min
Brewhouse Efficiency: 75.0 %

3.75Kg Pale Malt (2 Row) UK (5.9 EBC) 92.4%
100g Crystal Malt 40L (78.8  EBC) 2.5%
100g Torrified Wheat (3.3 EBC) 2.5%
60g MunichMalt (17.7 EBC) 1.5%
50g Roasted Barley (591 EBC) 1.2%

Protofloc Tablet (15 min)
1 Pkgs S-04

Hop profile
Fuggles, 4.5%AA, 50g at 90 min
WGV, 6%AA, 25g at 15 min
East Kent Goldings, 40g at flame out

Batch Sparge
Mash Grain Weight: 4.06kg Mash PH: 5.4 PH
Grain Temperature: 13.0 C
Mash In Add 10.4L of water at 72.8C (66C) 90 min
Step Add 8.5L of water at 80.2 (72C) 10 min
Step Add 13.67L of water at 81.9C (76C) 10 min

Beer Profile
Estimated Original Gravity: 1.036
Estimated Final Gravity: 1.009
Estimated Color: 14.4 EBC
Bitterness: 35.5 IBU
Alpha Acid Units: 2.0 AAU
Estimated Alcohol by Volume: 3.4%

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On tap now and slipping down like a dream. I intended to wait until around Bonfire Night before cracking this one open, but a couple of friends came over for Sunday lunch and so it was the right time to give it a go.

Because it’s a new style to me, achieved what I wanted and is made from Fuggles grown in my own garden, I’d say this was definitely my most satisfying brew to date. Also it will inevitably become Boxshed’s definitive dark ale, and I’ll be knocking up another batch as soon as I can get my hands on some new malt stocks. Yum.


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