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This quirky thing of mystery just arrived on my desk direct from sunny Portugal. I am planning great things for its future!

It’s a one-piece galvanised steel watering can rose with a stepped spout in case you’re wondering. I’m umm-ing and ah-ing over several possible ways to use it, some of which are obvious and dull, but others of which are quite reckless and interesting…


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I’ve had a big project in mind for some time to upgrade various bits of my brewing kit to higher capacity stainless steel. I’m not looking for anything electronic or flash at this stage, but I do want to make cleaning easier and brewdays less messy by using vessels with a little more headroom. The first vessel I’m looking to upgrade is my mashtun, but the others will follow as and when – probably HLT next, then the boiler when I can afford to shop about a bit. The refurb will also give me the excuse I need to re-organise the staging that holds my vessels and make the whole area a bit more elegant and shiny.

The mashtun I’m looking to make will be a conversion of a 50L thermobox – one of two tubs I shipped over from Germany about six months ago. I’ll be looking to drill the steel walls for a lever tap ball valve, and maybe add a sparging system to the lid, but to start off with I’ve begun knocking up a mashtun manifold to filter the grain bed. I’ve watched dozens of people make these on brewing forums, especially JBK, and finally I’ve started making one of my own. I chose 15mm copper pipe and fittings, rather than 22mm, to minimise dead ton space, and an HSS hacksaw. Here it is so far. Not looking forward to hacksawing a hundred little cuts in it though!


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